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Comment: Yalls cant understand the mind of Bill3

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Yalls cant understand the mind of Bill3

Let me dumb it down for you all:

Maybe you do not agree with Walter Block after worship. For SH1T each oral bay. See laugh. (Control)

I will try to interfere with property rights.

- FR. timeshould value will be limited. Therefore, our parents do not, however, a devastating attack illegal parents born. Otherwise murder, storage and Gordon found that torture, children's rights, "because you can do, demanding the right to conclude the negative side. Individual", because "align wounded independent legal sense (without invading the rights of property), the deaths, many people, this is impossible, but it pays taoang understanding, respect the rights, then we Hahn.

However, the children's positive action, not the parents' rights and the principle of family violence, and should reduce mother. The main problem is that you can kill these children and their parents to become legal errors were injured. However, the child's mother is gone, they have no right to eat.

Therefore, to continue with their diet (such as food) masaklavanay the mother and children to keep their parents with disabilities, but the law is dead? Let your children grow up and die, or damage, including, of course, especially on the right, then please answer this question. (This is the "ignore", baby, free society, refers to the following items on the open market, at least, please). "