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Comment: Well, that's just the supply/demand law

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Well, that's just the supply/demand law

Well, that's just the supply/demand law of the (preferably, free) markets:

the price of something is whichever that anyone is willing to pay for it.

I'm not one willing to bitch about it. After all, I'm odd enough to buy expensive stinky cheeses that some people wouldn't dare to feed their pets with. So...

I'd have only two remarks:

1) well, you know, "it's French design"... so, that must be classy, c'mon, be a little bit more "refined", folks ;-P

2) good omen(?) maybe: I would assume this seemingly immaculate white wouldn't go very well along with crimson red random stains/splatters... Would it? So, 'hopefully, that SHOULD be good news for EVERYBODY - whether they wear those Tees or not(?!)

I sure wish my last night's pack of guys had been wearing that K. West T-shirt thing, THAT NIGHT anyway, and concerned enough to not take the risk of getting it stained. Maybe they'd have acted differently?

If you see what I mean.

Again, Thank you, Larry, for telling it like it is.

No more, no less.


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