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Sounds like you might be choking on something

Okay, Happy Girl; obviously you have yet to research this and think equating some movie reference about an object falling from the sky is proof chemtrails do not exist. Either you're "happily" ignorant, or deliberately using a straw-man to steer the conversation from the facts.
Fact: There is a patent ( ) "Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming". If you'd care to educate yourself, read how they add 10 micron sized Aluminum Oxide particles to jet fuel (Jet A-1). No need for spray aerosols as this is dispersed directly from the exhaust. The "Welsbach materials" (Welsbach discovered certain oxides, like aluminum oxide and thorium oxide, made in the 8 to 12 micron size have a wavelength-dependent emissivity which partially reflect the sun's infrared heat).
And, yes, modern commercial airliners as well as military aircraft burn Jet A-1 fuel. The Welsbach materials can be added at any time, with no one being the wiser.
And, wouldn't ya know ... by coincidence I'm sure, tests conducted all over the US are showing increases in Aluminum and Thorium oxides at alarming levels.
Things that make ya go, Huh.
Why don't ya read up a bit, then come back and comment.
Hell with it, why add anything else to the little gray cells? There are more important things to put up there in your noggin, right?
Like stuff from a fictional movie, maybe? Duh!

"Trust, but verify"
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