Comment: Let Me Tell You Something: Jesse Lee Is An Advocate For Truth

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Let Me Tell You Something: Jesse Lee Is An Advocate For Truth

I've been folowing his youth work success for years and years. Jesse Petersen, a former gang leader himself, lived in the in the L.A. ghetto. He emerged a new man after following the teachings of my favorite guro, Roy Masters..

When he first got started in 1960, Mr. Masters a professional hypnotist and Diamond cutter by trade, opened up The Foundation of Human Understanding. For a time he counselled Jesse Petersen and straightened him out and sent him on his own path as an advocate for truth. He worked daily helping troubled youth living in the inner city.

Today at 85 years of age, Mr. Masters operates the Foundation of Human Understanding now located in Grants pass, OR.

If you have mental, spiritual or emotional problems he is the best at identifying the root causes of your stresses. Mr. masters discoverd long ago a simple and easy to perform technique that will help you eliminate all the little angers, resentments in your life.

I've been practicing this simple and easy technique myself for over 30 years and i swear by its success. The technique really works and I guarentee that if you ar truly a searching person it will also work for you.

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