Comment: my thoughts on the questions you are asking.

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my thoughts on the questions you are asking.

"Yet, Zimmerman who ends up taking an INNOCENT HUMAN BEING'S LIFE get's away with murder and is held up as some defender of gun rights!?"

martin initiated force upon zimmerman by throwing the first punch... martin is not "innocent" in that case... then he didn't walk away after his punch knocked george on his butt... no, he proceed to pummel him and bash his head into concrete and tell him "you're gonna die tonight, MF'er."

"I mean, what would you do if you were Trayvon and some strange man with a gun was following you?"

his gun was concealed and he was talking on a phone. so trayvon didn't even know he had a gun.

now IF the guy had a gun visible in his hand, i picked up a bad vibe from him, and he was following me, i'd want to pull my gun out and question him as to what he is doing following me with a gun in his hand. or possibly a better option would be to flee for cover and see if i can ditch them. and if they pursue me, ambush them.

another scenario is, trayvon could have called 911 and said he is being followed by a shady character and needs some assistance, or at least an escort, because he is in fear for his life. he also could have called family and\or friends for help.

either way, the situation you describe is basically every cop in amerika. should we attack them for following us with guns? you can say, "cops aren't 'strange men'" and i will just say to you, if i haven't personally met you and i know nothing about you, you are a stranger. i don't care what type of clothing you wear or who you claim to work for.

"At what point do you feel that YOU would have the right to defend YOURSELF from a George Zimmerman-like perp?"

When they attack me or make an attempt to attack me. the only time you can truly DEFEND is when someone else is ACTUALLY in the process of ATTACKING you. otherwise, if you attack someone first, you become the initiator.

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