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So you don't see the life of humans as gotten much easier as they learned to harness electricity? That's what this is about. Until then we had to do manual work everywhere, and now we don't nearly as much and it's only getting better.

So in order to be entertained you need to buy your relationships? Not enough to just go into your downtown area, get a 99 cent coffee and talk to whomever? So DIGITAL is your issue? You realize that if you go out to a movie that is also DIGITAL right?

A plane ticket to Europe now costs a fraction of what it once did. That's not digital. Explain that one.

You just made the point why it's not silly to bring up oxygen. We're at a crossroads and this is what is at stake. We let gov control everything and we pay for even that. If not, then other basic needs like eating become CLOSE TO free, like breathing. Therefore, stay on the activism path, and maybe it's not as hard to win as it seems, since in the long run markets always win.

Notice I said CLOSE TO free. I capitalized it to keep you from having another titty attack. CLOSE TO. let me do it one more time. CLOSE TO.