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There are always going to be people

who completely miss the capabilities of their current state of human development. These people could dismissively be just labeled cynical and the rest of us could move on. IMHO, that's almost what we need to do because regardless of what we say, they will negate any progress as bad in some way or another. The only way to convince them is by example.

I've posted here numerous times about the potential for our current technologies to completely eliminate every monthly expense we have, to go local and to retire in as little as 8 years. In doing so, we would then pass our job to the next family to support. This would eliminate 2/3rds of the lifetime expenses of that family while cutting unemployment at a faster rate than technological unemployment puts them out of work. This, then, translates to giving the power of money back to the people (it becomes a worker's market, not an employer's market like the last century), taken back from the banks and the commercialization mindset. And finally, as the banks lose it, we regain control over society. If that doesn't qualify as raising people's standard of living, I don't know what would.

All it really takes is a completely free market mentality, applied while embracing technology and genuine long-term sustainability.