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Comment: There is us.

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There is us.

I heard that Rick Santorum is looking at running in 2016. My first thought was that if he runs, he'll be the nominee. My second thought was that means Hillary will be our next president. Great...four more years of Democrat, big government, dollar crashing, world consolidation insanity. Instead of racists, we'll be woman haters. Enough already.

I could be wrong about that scenario and I hope I am. But it doesn't matter who the Republican nominee is. No president, even Ron Paul as president, can fix this mess on his own. I don't really think that Obama meant for things to go the way they have. He has always been a socialist, for sure, but he was also anti-war and pro-civil liberties. Look what's happened to him. He looks like such a lying hypocrite. If I could get past my contempt for him, I'd feel sorry for him. I'd hate to see that happen to either Paul after they've worked to hard defending us.

We have to fix this mess ourselves, starting with our own towns and states. More than we need the right president, we need state sovereignty and active defense by our state and local governments. We need a lot of states and towns that are lining up like in the movie "300", putting up their shields to protect us from the fed's arrows. That is how we win. I believe that is the only way we will win. Peace. :-)