Comment: "Socialism is not a bad

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"Socialism is not a bad

"Socialism is not a bad thing. It benefits each and every one of us in one way or another."

Conservation of mass? Does that exist? If i take away something from you and then give it back, there is no net gain. 'Improvement' is subjective anyways...

BTW DailyKos, Socialism is 4 syllables, not 3.

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You see, we are still a capitalist nation. In America, you can still make a billion dollars, get a giant tax cut, and pay your employees barely enough to survive while you sail in your yacht to escape any guilt that might inconvenience you. So don't freak out just yet!

Free markets would never allow this. Companies would be forced to pay a living wage if there were no welfare state. Example: Walmart and Foodstamps. Or McDonalds.

3. Public Libraries

Don't know about yall but I've never checked out a book much less stepped foot in a public library in my adult life. I have my own personal private library, thanks.

4. Police....They are there to protect and serve the community, not individuals

Such a wonderful invention. Please tell us more about Police Department accountability and the Blue Wall of Silence.

5. Fire Dept

If you have to call the fire department, your house is a loss anyways. How many firemen have gone around intentionally setting fires just so they could put them out? (broken window fallacy) No thanks. I've never had to call the fire department and I fire proof my own home on my terms.

6. Postal Service...Like having mail delivered directly to your front door and paying next to nothing to send mail anywhere you want?

Lysander Spooner, UPS, FEDEX. No explanation necessary.

7. Student Loans

Artificial demand for degrees are sending young adults into debt and unemployment because market signals for jobs 'that are actually in demand' are being run over. Everyone having a loan to go to school also raises the tuition cost in a never ending death spiral thanks to #7.

8. Bridges


11. War - That's right! War would not be possible without socialism. Your tax dollars are used to fight wars for your country. This is Big Government at it's biggest. Private companies don't attack other countries, at least not yet. Government is the only entity in America that can defend us from foreign enemies and our tax dollars are used for every second of it. Socialism has brought down Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and Bin Laden. War may very well be the most socialist thing on this list.

Is this satire? Is he serious?

All the 3 letter agencies

"Oh thank you God, thank you so bloody much"

22. Corporate/Bussiness Subsidies

End corporate welfare, this is not a good thing.

23. The VA

Yeah, the VA is so awesome!

32. Hoover Dam

Needs to be dismantled. Destroyed a natural ecosystem for human greed to fix a temporary problem.

33. State/City Zoos

I'm sure the animals f-cking love being in prison and many are privately funded. Game preserves and Wildlife Management zones actually are good use of tax payer money as some hair brained progressive usually hasn't over altered the landscape.

40. Swine Flue vaccine

This is so bloody important to my survival, let me tell you...

53. FEMA

Providing flood insurance to idiots living in the 10 year flood zone of a major river. Thanks FEMA!


Don't you mean 'OFFTRAK' ? You'll never see me on one of those death tubes.

49. PBS/ 57. NPR

What if I don't ever plan to use them? Do I still have to pay?
Strange the FCC isn't on here. They could talk about it's monopoly of the air waves.

60. State and National Monuments

Never been to one.

The greatest laugher of all

75. Civilization

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you cannot be civil without having a body taxing you so that they and others may live in a lavish lifestyle at your expense. Declaring unjust wars, medical experiments on the populous, false flags to promote statism, the list goes on!

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