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Comment: Would Lincoln have allowed the South to secede if.........

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Would Lincoln have allowed the South to secede if.........

If President Davis had put forth that the south would abolish slavery but was still moving forward with secession, would Lincoln have allowed it and avoided war?

I don't doubt that ONE of the main reasons for the original 7 states to secede was the issue of slavey, but to include the other 4 states that later seceded and the final two recognized states as participating in some civil war to maintain the existence of slavery, is not historically accurate.

I personally think one of the main reasons that government, media and education always makes any references to the Confederacy as negative and inflammatory is two fold. The idea of states rights and less centralized form of government is one very similar to what we are battling for today and it scares them. Second, it's a divisive issue and therefor keeps the races divided instead of focusing on issues we can agree on.

Anyways, that's my take.