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This was in an earlier post on July 14, 2013...titled "Untold Truths"
If you watch YT will see this same horse.
Don't expect to be seeing this in the news, it might destroy their agenda.

Pic of Trayvon on a horse at the ranch 8 days before he was shot.

Note the fence, building roof in the background.

Now Google map search, satellite view
"Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranch"
2486 Cecil Webb Place
Live Oak, FL
South side of the road is the pasture where Trayvon was photographed riding the horse; same building, same colored roof, same colored split rail fence, same landmarks in the same places.

About the ranch:

This Sherrif's ranch video may show the horse Martin was sitting on: and pause it at 1 min and 8 mins. Looks like it could be the same horse as well.
The white blaze on the horses face is distinct, like a birthmark.

Any keyboard detectives out there?

Regardless of the horse, the google map & photo are virtually incontrovertible. Anyone agree/disagree? Have other evidence?