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Uh, new

Boycott everything British? Piers Morgan is a dweeb, but he's one guy, and it is not the baby's fault, nor the British people's. He's more American than British from where I sit.

Am I the only one that noticed that Reverend Peterson kept saying the same thing over and over again like he rehearsed it? A facebook picture of a gun and pot do not prove "thug", do they? I had heard that the kid had to go live with his dad because his mother couldn't handle him any more (thug), but Reverend Peterson didn't mention that.

Vote me down, I don't care, but I don't see the hoopla. All I kept thinking while I watched this interview was that Piers Morgan maintained the upper hand and that Reverend Peterson wasn't doing Zimmerman any favors with his perspective.

Sorry, it's possible that I still haven't had enough coffee this morning. This just kind of set me off a bit.