Comment: Can we make a new rule here on the DP

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Can we make a new rule here on the DP

If you have not bothered to listen to the evidence your post is removed.

Clearly stated in evidence is that fact that Zimmerman lost Martin. Martin then came back four minutes later and attacked Zimmerman. It is THAT action that makes Zimmerman justified. Martin, if he was so worried and NOT looking for a fight had countless other options(calling police himself, just going to his house, just asking Zimmerman what the hell his problem was, etc. etc) The fact that he had four minutes when he was not being followed to make many many many more prudent and rational decisions is what justified Zimmerman.

How can Martin claim defense when he was free of Zimmerman for four minutes and then CLOSED the distance between him and Zimmerman. That is not defense - that is offense.

Now, had the altercation happened in a progression that saw Martin unable to "lose" Zimmerman, with Zimmerman following Martin and Martin clearly trying to avoid him - well then - Zimmerman would have deserved a beating.

But here again - Martin made another bad, final decision. His use of force was so exaggerated, the it was easy for Zimmerman to claim fear of life.

Lets also not forget something - this was not 2am and Martin could say - geesh - what was this guy doing out this time if not being a creepy stalker dude. It was 730 pm - not exactly the time of day one would be shocked to run into other people in the neighborhood.