Comment: Are you naive?

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Are you naive?

First of all this is what your MSM "talking head" from BFE local Fox affiliate said:

"Adam Kokesh is 70% disabled from his military service. He says he lives on that money."

First of all, there's a difference between SSI disability and VA disability. (which is likely what he is collecting) Veterans are generally given the benefit of the doubt on VA claims and as long as he was not under a dishonorable discharge, then he would likely qualify for this. As I recall, his last discharge was labeled as "Other than honorable" or some nonsense like that but he would still qualify for VA benefits.

Now, clearly you come off as a Kokesh-bot. So, let me ask you. How many times have you paid him for watching his videos or listening to his podcasts? How many advertisements have you watched on his YouTube channel? Where in the hell do you think he gets money to eat, let alone run a relatively popular podcast and have this studio set-up you see on YouTube? It takes money to eat every day and unless everyone is rushing out to get a "Being offended is f****** bulls***" T-Shirt for every day of the week, then I'd have to imagine that he gets income from somewhere else. Maybe its not disability. Maybe he gets donations so regularly that he can live off of his YouTube channel, but I highly doubt it.

He should explain this. I find it hard to believe that any news reporter would make up something like this and risk the station getting a defamation suit. And if he does collect benefits, more power to him. I probably would if I had the opportunity.