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And I have no problem with you or anyon else not believing in magic sky-daddies as long as it does not affect my life or liberty.

When you attack someone's belief system, or when someone attacks your (lack?)belief system, then we are affecting lives and liberty to speack and act freely.

I have always believed, one of the greatest gift's America's constitution and bill of rights gave me was freedom of religion, seperation of church and state. My parents were atheist, though I think my Mom had some belief, as she had me baptised to the surprize of my God Mother and rebuking by my father, who used his objectivism as a weapon. Ayn Rand was forced on me and no one on the face of this Earth can despise religion more than he in my world.

He made me very curious about religion and I have experienced many because of it. That's how I came to appreciate the freedom, because it gave me the opportunity to explore, to have a magic sky-daddy or mommy or not.

My upbringing by an objectivist has embedded in me that I am responsible for my actions. I am not a blamer, and when I see myself calling names, that's my cue to know that I have not thought things out. Ayn Rand, for example didn't call names and insult. She was very clear about her objection to religion.

One of my favorite lines is she said, that, "God is that which is beyond the ability to reason."

This is true, and for me, who has come to know that I am a believer, it continues to hold true. The reason is because there are some things that happen, that are beyond my reason, and I can not take credit (I'm not talking about blame, remember, I am not a blamer, rather asking what did I do to cause or create the siuation).

But there are things, some may call "luck", but to me, lick is opportunity meeting preparedness.. so it is beyond luck.. miracles is more appropriate. I have witnessed what I call miracles, events that are beyond reason, blessings that I can not take credit, nor do I know anyone who could or did.

I don't agree with you that Christian Americans have destroyed my nation. I find that they are very generous people and strive to be good people doing good works. As humans, they are going to have faults, make mistakes.. but to blame them, is failing to look at your own part of the failure YOU witness.

I don't find America the most religious nation. I believe Islam is the most religious nation, and Israel is the most religious country.

I THANK GOD I was not born into Islam.. I love life, and have no doubt I would have been killed before I turned 20. I am not happy about how America's freedom is being used as a weapon against nieve Americasn who do not understand Islam and how the believers use American freedoms, in the name of freedom, to destroy freedom. I have no appreciation for the deceptions, perpetual war and hate in the name of peace and love. I have yet to see a Budhist, Hindu or Christian suicide bomber.

If being an infidel works for you, by all means, enjoy, just don't forget, Christians may openly disagree, but they are not promising your death.