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Comment: Missing the point?

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Missing the point?

The point is to point out how criminals define crime as no one else can.

Criminals enslave their targeted victims.

Criminals then make it a false law that their power to commit crimes, enslavement, are their prerogatives, because they say so, and anyone claiming otherwise, will be enslaved, and sent the bill for doing so.

The point at which the victims were disbelieving the lie of criminals claiming authority of law and then the victims believe the lie is the point here in this question about slavery in America.

That point of "change" from disbelief in the lie that the criminals are authorities of law to belief in the lie that the criminals are authorities of law was pointed out by more than one person.


Here is the point at which disbelief in the lie became belief in the lie: when slavery being not legal became slavery being legal - proven in fact.

Here is what one Dictator in Chief, after the Usurpation, said about Secret Proceedings:

It is by now readily and reasonably apparent that liars have taken over government, their lies constitute the inculpatory evidence proving the case each time.

Before the first Con Con, Con Job, Confidence Scheme, there was an incident that proved the case that slavery was not legal within the Democratic Federated Republic then operating as a Voluntary Association among 13 Sovereign States, and that incident was called Shays's Rebellion.

Many people were blowing the whistle concerning the significance of that Legal Precedent.


In fact it was the Revolutionary War continued, and won, as there was no power given by The People, and no power given by any agreement made by any number of State Governments, allowing the actual Federal Government to enforce the return of runaway Slaves running away, voting with their feet, from one State where Slave Masters kept Slaves to another State where Slave Masters were less able to keep Slaves.

Daniel Shays is the example setting the Legal Precedent whereby the Federal Employees are POWERLESS to return runaway Slaves under The Articles of Confederation.

In that specific context, in fact, demonstrated by that Legal Precedent, the Federal Government had no power to enforce slavery in the Country called America.

That is why the Slave Masters in the South got together with the Central Bank Frauds and War Profiteers in the North in Philadelphia to conduct their Secret Proceedings.

There is no shortage of whistle blowers blowing that fraud wide open in our America History.


The liars carried the day, as explained here:

"But Hamilton wanted to go farther than debt assumption. He believed a funded national debt would assist in establishing public credit. By funding national debt, Hamilton envisioned the Congress setting aside a portion of tax revenues to pay each year's interest without an annual appropriation. Redemption of the principal would be left to the government's discretion. At the time Hamilton gave his Report on Public Credit, the national debt was $80 million. Though such a large figure shocked many Republicans who saw debt as a menace to be avoided, Hamilton perceived debt's benefits. "In countries in which the national debt is properly funded, and the object of established confidence," explained Hamilton, "it assumes most of the purposes of money." Federal stock would be issued in exchange for state and national debt certificates, with interest on the stock running about 4.5 percent. To Republicans the debt proposals were heresy. The farmers and planters of the South, who were predominantly Republican, owed enormous sums to British creditors and thus had firsthand knowledge of the misery wrought by debt. Debt, as Hamilton himself noted, must be paid or credit is ruined. High levels of taxation, Republicans prognosticated, would be necessary just to pay the interest on the perpetual debt. Believing that this tax burden would fall on the yeoman farmers and eventually rise to European levels, Republicans opposed Hamilton's debt program.

"To help pay the interest on the debt, Hamilton convinced the Congress to pass an excise on whiskey. In Federalist N. 12, Hamilton noted that because "[t]he genius of the people will ill brook the inquisitive and peremptory spirit of excise law," such taxes would be little used by the national government. In power, the Secretary of the Treasury soon changed his mind and the tax on the production of whiskey rankled Americans living on the frontier. Cash was scarce in the West and the Frontiersmen used whiskey as an item of barter."
___________________________________________________end quote

Central Bankers (Monopoly of Crime) want this:

When they don't get that, they do this:

They get a Cult of Personally going, a Strong Man, hired to whip the targets into shape.

Like this:

When once it is the duty of free people to rebel against criminal governments as declared in clear English in The Declaration of Independence, the change occurs, and the slaves obey without question.

The nails going into the coffin include that Secret Proceeding leading to that Usurpation, despite the Bill of Rights, and this:

Section 4.
The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.

Any questions?