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It wasn't cheap

that man had me doing things I NEVER thought I would do because I believed in that man.. I joined the GOP, I worked hard on his campaign, spent more money on his campaign than personal enjoyment, got elected to a committee seat I personally wasn't interested in, fought hard for him, lead the North West district.. I worked hard and paid a lot of money to to be something I NEVER wanted to be for that man. I'm still in the GOP, I'm still promoting his message, while he has abandoned his message with his new business which is not about promoting restoration of the republic, but how to adopt to globalization.

Years ago many of us accepted that the rEVOLution was bigger than Ron Paul. I am in no way a clone of Ron Paul. And I believe I have paid a price that I can say what I feel, because earned it.

My point is not evryone in politics is a psychopath and to think such, then you are forgetting the exceptions like Ron Paul.. who proves, it is NOT the masses, but a few good people that make the difference.

Strive to be one of the good rather than the masses of apathy.

I didn't mean to upset you, if that is what I did. Maybe it's my own reflection of being influenced to do what I NEVER thought I would do, while he moved on leaving me with the responsibility, for my community would not respect me for being elected and then abandiong them.. that does me no good in MY community.. so here I am.. GOP. I just am glad the committee has gone to liberty. otherwise I would be a very miserable person, who paid a very high price because I LOVE Ron paul's message, to be where I am today in the GOP. Maybe I'm a better person for it? I now know the GOP is not what I thought it was, and I like Rand very much.