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I think it is relevant. It

I think it is relevant. It shows a pattern repeated that night. It was TM who ended up following GZ, confronting him, likely due to homophobic concerns put into his head by Rachel Jeantel. I can't believe how idiots like Morgan continue to ignore the fact that TM beat GZ, for what? Because he had dared to "follow him"? Since when is it illegal to follow someone? And there isn't even proof that GZ continued to follow TM after the dispatcher said they "didn't need him to do that." GZ says he was headed back to his car, when TM suddenly appeared. TM had four minutes to get back home. But he chose instead to confront GZ. If a pervert is really after you, is it really safe to confront him? Might he not have a gun? Why didn't TM go home and call the cops?