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Your absolutely right

I am not disputing that life has gotten "easier". I am disputing that that society is on a path towards a wonderful world of abundance. There will be, and always has been abundance for some. 2/3rds of the world still live on $2 a day or less.

I also dispute that every convenience is always a positive. Dishwasher and washing machines, huge positive. For all of these gains though there is risk of societal atrophy in a physical, mental and spiritual sense.

Technology's benefit on society will be amplified by a factor based on our morality. I don't mean religion, I mean morality. A sense of right and wrong, stealing is always wrong etc.

Due to our societies complete lack of morality technology is being used by the state to enslave us. The people's benefit of technology is keeping us distracted on cheap entertainment/programming.

We have different value systems so we these things differently. Again, it isn't a right or wrong, just different.

I respect your opinions on this and hope I am very wrong and you are very right when it all plays out. For my children's sake.


PS. Didn't I write "nearly free"? I got that you didn't mean free.

Liberty = Responsibility