Comment: I actually WATCHED the trial... did you?

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I actually WATCHED the trial... did you?

By your post I highly doubt it.

EVIDENCE shows that Martian was the aggressor. I'm not going to go point by point because I've already done it and many others have too. You are misrepresenting the evidence. I can only assume that you are fabricating pathways and filling in the blanks based on your own preconceived beliefs of race, neighborhood watches, and police.

The evidence does NOT show that Zimmerman followed Martin beyond the 15 seconds during the 911 call. But the BOTTOM LINE is that Zimmerman had the legal right as a FREE PERSON to follow Martain all the way home if he liked. Just as Martain had the legal right as FREE PERSON to follow Zimmerman or just stand right there and pop open his iced tea. Or if he felt threatened he could have gone home, or called 911 himself. What he DIDN'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO was double back and jump on and pummel a guys head int the ground. There is no legal justification for that. You can't just attack someone because they are walking down the same street as you or even following you.

What neither of them did was simply TALK to each other. That may have solved it...maybe.

Zimmerman was not looking to pursue or confront. That's why he called 911 so that the police could do it. That's why he kept his gun holstered up until the end.

Trayvon was a good fighter (his brother said so) had been in many fights(he bragged about it and others corroborated that fact by telling him to stop fighting) and was a fast runner (played football...surely he was faster than Zimmerman) Trayvon had options if he was scared. He could have gone home. He could have called 911. He could have even just stayed hidden. But he chose to double back and attack Zimmerman instead. Where is that ever lawful? He wasn't cornered or threatened. My suspicion is that Trayvon knew he could take Zimmerman and acted on impulse as he was angry at being followed. Zimmerman went to get the street name and Martain probably thought Zimmerman was looking for him and decided to confront him with a punch.

Violence is never justified for just being in the same location. This isn't just about the freedom to protect yourself and the freedom to carry concealed gun, but it's also a case of being able to walk freely without being attacked. Trayvon had the right to be there but he didn't have the right to throw the first punch and follow it up by pounding the guys skull against concrete.