Comment: I think 6 women

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I think 6 women

acquitted him and YOU and everyone else in the world should accept that. The thug decided he would attack. He though he would try to make a grab for Zimmermans gun before Zimmerman ever attempted to pull his gun, then the thug got the wrong end of the gun he grabbed for. The thug attacked first, no matter what your view is, and it is EXTREMELY libertarian to defend yourself under ANY circumstance that any THUG decides to impose himself on you while breaking the NON AGGRESSION RULE we live by. Zimmerman defended himself and that illiterate POS got what he wished to impose on another human. He was 'followed' by Zimmerman? So what, doesn't give him the right to act aggressively. Maybe Trayvon the Thug ought to have called the cops instead of his deadbeat honkey hating girlfriend... Too bad Zimmerman isn't a white guy like the media keeps trying to make him.

It's getting pretty obvious that if you are indeed a liberty minded individual that we are in big trouble and the R/D paradigm is strong and healthy.

I would -999 this thread if would let me.

Peace out, I disagree with you 100%