Comment: On solar cells and automation advancement

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On solar cells and automation advancement

In my quest to find out why Ron Paul said, "Israel is our friend", I have found one reason is, that Israel is advancing humanity with inventions such as ceramic solar cells.

Ceramic solar cells have been in existance now for 10 years. They are producing energy that helps Israel green the desert. But getting them in America is, right now impossible. Corporations like DuPont, buy pantents for America, and then shop out for MIC bids.. the military is the first to get technology, which helps afford it to the public. Bufget cuts have reduced the capacity to purchase and implement, so many inventions, ceramic solar cells being just one, are shelved until there is a way to afford them.

I believe that America is rethinking in it's quest to live up to the UN Agenda it agreed on. In San Onofy CA, the nuclear power plant is being closed, and this will cost the consumers nearly $2 billion. There was plans to go solar, but this is being scrapped because as technology is advancing, what the plan was, no longer works.

So one reason that automation does not get to the public quickly is that the military and it's dependence on the taxpayer is backfiring as "the quickening" is leaving Americans "in the dark".

Thus, things will not become cheaper, but more expensive paying for what we leave, for where we want to go, while paying to sustain each day.