Comment: Good points all, GUS818

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Good points all, GUS818

Thanks for this thorough exposition, GUS818. You have perfectly captured my misgivings also. Particularly:

This is a man who never became the cop he dreamed of being, so instead he carries a gun around and chronically reports things to the police.

When uniformed officers do what George did, we see a lot of upset responses about out-of-control government agents. When a wanna-be does it, we seem to be all for it?
I'd like to amplify 3 points:
1) As GUS818 explains, there are believable scenarios where George is the primary aggressor. His version of the story sounds like a written police action report, which is (should be?) suspect at some level.
2) As GUS818 points out, it is possible for liberty-minded people to come down on either side of this case. This is not a litmus test for liberty - it is a hyped-up drama intended to divide people.
3) The liberty community (I read DailyPaul and LewRockwell) seems to be a bit tone-deaf on this. While nearly the entire country is focused largely on the (contrived?) racist undertones of this thing, we find ourselves calling Trayvon a thug, a punk, etc. I believe that if an outsider would stumble in here and read these comments, he would be totally convinced that we are all a bunch of closeted racists, even as we deny it. I say tone-deaf because our movement has already suffered the taint of racist associations. Remember how much mileage was gained out of a few newsletter articles? Remember how opponents call us anti-semites and neo-confederates and racists? Tom Woods' zombie gag works because he *knows* that is what the knee-jerk reaction is to some of liberty's positions. We should know too, and at least make an effort to keep our discourse even-toned, rooted in first principles, and courteous.

If you need an example of what I am talking about, read this OP again.

I'm voting for Peace.