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the author of this comment wasn't even disagreeing

with the verdict...He just feels that Zimmerman isn't the saint or hero everyone here seems to be making him out as.

I believe Zimmerman is innocent of murder, but that doesn't mean he didn't make mistakes. Had Zimmerman actually taken a fighting pistol class from a respected teacher, he'd never have put himself in a situation like that. He'd never take his eyes off Trayvon to allow him to get sucker punched. The second Trayvon came at him aggressively the gun would been drawn, and STOP would be yelled before trayvon could throw his first punch to the nose. Most likely trayvon would have just ran like the punk he was. But zimmerman was not reproducible enough to takes enough classes if any to learn this. CCW is likened to a Martial Art and for good reason. If you are going to carry, you need to take it seriously and TRAIN not just in the mechanics of shooting, but also in ways on how to avoid unnecessary conflict that could result in a shooting. This includes communications skills. Any good instructor will tell you pulling the trigger is the absolute last resort.

The point was that DPers are giving it to much attention and not enough attention to the actual intentions of the people behind the scenes and their agendas.