Comment: Nice of you to use leading language

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Nice of you to use leading language

to try and manipulate readers.

Following a person in public is NOT a crime. You have no expectation of privacy in public. That is the law, that is common sense. Your view would make it illegal for people to film police or take photography in public.

Martin, taking no more risks, launches his attack.

That's the only thing that matters, your whole contrived "letter" is irrelevant sans that fact. Martin ATTACKED Zimmerman and Zimmerman LAWFULLY and justly defended himself.

I've been robbed and mugged. If you're slinking around my neighborhood, especially around my house. I'm going to see what you're up to. I'm not dependent on the state like you would have me be. If you attack me and I fear for my life, out comes Glock 19 and down you go. Period. END.


Why will NONE of you answer the question "What does the gun have to do with it?"

I think it's because if stated your stance you'd easily be outed as anti gun. Grow some.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

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