Comment: You were sold out?

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You were sold out?

I won't compare Israel's "loyalty oath" the the GOP's. I don't know anyone saying they will blow up the GOP if they can't join. Most don't want to join the GOP anyways. Many people want to move to Israel. Way too many people.. it's why there is a settlement problem. People want to live in occupied Palestine, not unoccupied Palestine, who may simply want to live, but to blame Israel is not taking responsibility for Unoccupied Palestine's inability to govern itself thank's to Islam and the UN that refuse it's statehood.

Where Israel has lived under constant threat, and has seen empires come and go, for thousands of years. So goes Israel, so goes civilization.

Ira, you spend so much time cussing, hating, ranting, if that is what makes you happy, then I apologise. It's not what would make my life happy, so I will take back saying that your life is miserable, and accept that your life is not miserable, and you are happy the way things are.

What may appear as ridiculous to you, who are happy as things are, for ranting, raging, and calling names gives you joy in life, I find peace and happiness, especially knowing that you are not miserable, insulting others, blaming others and calling names, cursing, is your joy.

Thank you for the prayer. It is working, I have writtin a letter to my preist and confessed, that my heart has grown strong and I feel a profound LOVE for Israel. I have begun attending Hebrew classes and going to a Messanic Temple.. right now I am going to both Church and Temple, where my preist has not responded, the rabbi is helping me with my lessons and connections in Israel. I have a dream.. a wonderful dream that has become a mission.