Comment: i think it needs to go beyond

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i think it needs to go beyond

i think it needs to go beyond that, although, with security, where the mentality of spy agencies are hit the majority, and that might mean, targets with alot of users, to be more effective, but harder to gather ALL info, on the hundreds of different techs out that scenario, i'd say something is better then nothing

Then ofcourse, they could be STORING, everything, somehow, which in that case, were boned, unless we get devs who are liberty orientated, earn money, ok, free market, fair enough, but not at the sacrifice of not providing anyone and everyone the capability to circumvent and hopefully shutdown prism and all other like programs.......OURSELVES, i would LOOOOVE that scenario......MIDDLE FINGER plus WE KNOW FOR SURE......well not us, but devs we learn to trust to look out for we the people.......