Comment: Cheerios taste like dried out card board.

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Cheerios taste like dried out card board.

I wouldn't allow my kids to eat that crap. Having said that, ask yourself this question, why is the media trying so hard to breed the white and black race out of existence? Is it the social engineering going on, on the TV? Is there an attempt to force black genocide on to the black race, along with the white race. They're doing it to our food, our plants, our live stock.

I don't know. If you ask people do they have a right to take from their children what their parents and grand parents and fore fathers gave them? Do they have the right to make all robins blue jays? Do they have a right to make all horses zebras? Does anyone have a right to make all humans apes? I'm not calling black people apes but if someone could breed all white women with apes, would any of you say that was wrong? If so why?

Do Parents have that right? Does a black father or mother have the right to make their children lighter skin, or darker skin? We are living in an age of me! Just me, I'm the only one who counts, what I want matters and I don't give a shit who it hurts.

We see it happening to our fish, all Salmon will eventually be GE fish. When we start playing God with our Children or food or wild life we risk more than just skin pigment, we break that chain that has been put in place for over 5 billion years or breeding. Any real black person would tell you that this commercial is not the way he was raised up, and yes I understand why black men want a white women, what race doesn't but you first have to find out what is it about black women that black men are finding unattractive?

As a white male, I have seen many things shift in my Country over the past 50 years. It has went from "leave it to Beaver," to "kill whitey he's a racist." Slowly the population is waking up and realizing that something is wrong and people are gradually realizing that commercials like this, although harmless looking, are indeed nothing more than a tool to socially engineer white women to go out and marry a black man. Of course I don't blame the black man, not in the slightest, but one thing is for sure, the child will never be allowed to benefit from its racial identity as that white man or women got to benefit from it, nor will they benefit in being a black person.

It, the child, will be neither black nor white, not biracial, but a new breed unto its own. Neither black nor white, many of you may say good, but when you say that, what is it about either race that causes you to dislike it so much that you would do away with either race? The problem may be with you, not the race you want to do away with.

There would not be one person on this board who would agree with making all horses Zebras but many of you see no problem with making white or black babies disappear. That my friend is scary, it's very scary to know you have been brainwashed to that point.