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You know, i just had a

You know, i just had a thought....if you bring it back down to the basics, to its technicalities, the most accurte term for the victims of NSA would be "internet" users......i dont think for one minute that they have not noticed a rise in resistence with the common theme being the threatens the very foundation of their hold to "absolute" power, does it not........what if, yet again, terrorists is just ANOTHER term used to hide a true not saying i know that to be the case, i just really think that tyranical governments with enough sense, SHOULD be afraid, just for the possibility, it should be obvious the kind of power instant communication between individuals can be, if you cant "edit" it, or in this case, i believe the goal is subtle threat of force, just to ease the people in, then drop the subtle, when everyones been condition appropriatly