Comment: Kudos to GUS818

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Kudos to GUS818

Kudos to you GUS. I have felt from the beginning that there was too much hero worship for Zimmerman. Pro-gun advocates have hitched their wagons to Zimmerman - which I think is a mistake for the reasons you outlined and what I am about to say....

Zimmerman and Trayvon were both IDIOTS. Two IDIOTS crossed paths in a gated community and one ended up dead and the other lives the rest of his life in FEAR....This is the result of actions by stupid people...Had either of them shown any common sense or decency - there would have been no violent altercation.

I dont post here that often cuz I feel it is preaching to the choir. But in this case you have brought balance to the force. I often post at Glenn Beck's site,, and argue the "both are idiots" position and i get the EXACT SAME responses from the neocons as you receive in this article. Again, kudos to you GUS818, you have brought reason, perspective, and logic into the equation.