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That's OK, I characterize the neocons, somewhat more

....accurately, as "Fascists." That is because they ARE fascists. Were they "republicans" they would be for a "republic", a system of government where the authorizing compact declares certain areas of life and practices to be beyond the authority of the government the compact establishes. They are not for this, therefore are not "republicans" no matter what they call themselves.

The three that want to honor the limitations on government in the establishing compact (Constitution) are republicans, because they are acting in accord with the ideals stated above. They may also be minarchist libertarians at heart, because that is just a special case of republicanism where instead of having a list of things that are OFF LIMITS to a given government, one just flips that and has a short list of things that are WITHIN THE LIMITS of government to the exclusion of everything else.

So, fascists posing as republicans call republicans the subset of republicans called "libertarians".

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