Comment: They knew who she was

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They knew who she was

and they knew she owned a weapon. Why else would he have trained his weapon on her? I betcha anything they already knew all about her and the other people living there and this was, in part, an exercise to see which sheeple would quietly obey their demands but also to get the sheeple used to such raids, make them commonplace enough to desensatize sheeple to them. It's warfare. They haven't militarized the police for nothing. Everything has a purpose.
It's great this has been reported but more is needed. There needs to be Citizen Police Review Boards set up nation-wide where citizens have the ability to review every cop's records, authority to persue complaints and prosecute the offenders. The citizens should be randomly chosen, like juries are, but with the right of refusal and no 'juror' is allowed to be a part of the board within a number of 'x' years time frame - this will ensure the power doesn't go to anyone's head and hopefully reduce the chance of a citizen getting paid off for their 'service'. Internal Affairs isn't good enough anymore. Return this power to the citizens where it should have always stayed.
What this also shows is how we've lost control over our money through taxation. We are paying for these thugs yet have no control over our servants.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison