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"Secondly, what does

"Secondly, what does zimmerman having a gun have to do with anything at all? (maybe you'll be the first person out of 12 that will actually answer me)"

The reason is because Zimmerman had plenty of time to be prepared. Zimmerman followed him, watched him, and knew the area. For someone to be armed - there is no excuse to even allow yourself to be dragged into a fist fight (nevermind the fact that zimmerman also had the vehicle). The whole purpose of open carry is that it prevents an altercation - not to provide insurance in case you get your butt kicked. Zimmerman could have revealed his gun physically or verbally when they arguing or when trayvon was still beyond arms length. Trayvon had no weapon. Lets say Trayvon jumped zimmerman - i dont see how zimmerman could not free himself for a single moment to free himself and showcase the gun or even get arms length and do the same. Assuming it was semi-automatic, zimmerman wouldnt have even had to shoot trayvon - he could have fired warning shot. There are literally 1,000 options and zimmerman used the most deadly surprise option