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I find the whole thing strange indeed. There is absolutely ZERO EVIDENCE that Trayvon started the fight - for all we know, Zimmerman could have chased him and threatened him.

For a movement based on reason, freedom, and natural rights - i would think this case would be a nonstarter or show compassion on both sides...However that is not the case.

Neocons say Trayvon started it because he has used drugs in his history or something (an argument that we should find nonsensical). At the same time, neocons ignore the zimmermans domestic violence issues, his reported 46 calls to police department over 8 years regarding suspicious black people, and his career ambitions of becoming a cop (this is the MOST suspicious)....So why not look at both sides? Isnt that what we are supposed to do? How in the world can a rational person judge one side or the other?