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Thank you for atleast trying to answer me

The whole purpose of open carry is that it prevents an altercation - not to provide insurance in case you get your butt kicked.

Wrong on so many levels.
Open carry is a political statement. Zimmerman was concealing his gun. Carrying a firearm is not for de-escalation it's for protecting your life.

Zimmerman could have revealed his gun physically or verbally when they arguing or when trayvon was still beyond arms length.

And broken state law and wound up in prison for doing so. It's called brandishing. You never ever EVER pull a gun unless you aim to use it. You will be seen as the person escalating the events in court if you do so. That is not opinion, there is case law and the most qualified trainers in the country will tell you the same thing. Not only for the reasons mentioned above but it is tactically unsound and can lend to you harming someone that really wasn't a threat to you.

Trayvon had no weapon.

Maybe in caps you guys can see the question. Guns aren't evil entities that magically make you the person to blame if bad shit goes down. That's what you are insinuating. That because Martin wasn't armed he somehow is less to blame for the incident. Being armed doesn't make you culpable, it doesn't make you responsible, it makes you able to defend yourself.

Lets say Trayvon jumped zimmerman - i dont see how zimmerman could not free himself for a single moment to free himself and showcase the gun or even get arms length and do the same. Assuming it was semi-automatic, zimmerman wouldnt have even had to shoot trayvon - he could have fired warning shot. There are literally 1,000 options and zimmerman used the most deadly surprise option.

This just perfectly illustrates my point. You've clearly NEVER been in a life or death situation involving firearms and probably have never really handled guns that much. For that matter you don't know much about the law or gun safety either. This isn't the movies.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

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