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Comment: Following and observing

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Following and observing

Being followed and observed by someone in public is a legitimate grounds to lose them by hiding, wait for them to get close, then expose your hiding place to attack them? That is a Libertarian approach? I don't get that reasoning.

I've been followed before. Sure it made me feel creepy and I was very much on my guard. But initiating violence didn't even occur to me as a Libertarian. The importance of defending myself (should I be attacked) was certainly paramount, but not starting the violence. And certainly not waiting in hiding on them so I could launch a sneak attack. That's Libertarian?

Someone stop me if I'm wrong here, but haven't we heard this type of reasoning before to justify initiating coercion against others. Kind of sounds like preemptive war mentality.
"We believe they have dangerous weapons and may use them against us. Attack!"

I respect you GUS, but your reasoning on this point is flawed, in my opinion.