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Comment: Cyril

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Be vigilant, yet not hyper-vigilant.

I'm glad you didn't get escorted downtown reporting a crime and have it put back on you, like "must have been a drug deal gone wrong" or "no shots were fired" when shell casings are on the ground.

I live in a good area but travel. I think either you need to get a neighborhood association or just neighborhood meetings going on, or just shooting some BS with the neighbors.

In my neighborhood, just from sitting outside at night crime was reduced to 0%. People were breaking into vehicles all the time, so much I left mine unlocked.

You'll be okay.

Police will recommend pepper spray but I wouldn't. Good way to get sued. Get the good people together and sit outside. It works. You don't even have to call the cops. The idiots will go away once they know people are watching, they are cowards.

Do you want them to crack your cranium with a bat and run you over? No. Just sit outside. They will be scared shitless. I'm serious. Be able to record video and ask people why they are walking thru your neighborhood. Just ask "Do you need any help?" They are like cockroaches. They will scurry.

Best of luck my friend and PM me if you need help.

I know you like to smoke, or even if you've quit by now sit outside with them and talk until you need to go to bed. These kids are cowards. Just sit outside and shoot the shit until you can't stay awake any longer for a few weeks.