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Man, reading this

Man, reading this thread...

What I don't get, is that Martin didn't have a history of much. Some supposed burglary, and graffiti.

But Zimmerman, does. Assaulting a cop, harassment, spousal abuse, etc. He also has a history of frequently calling 911/dispatch, to report such things as a "7-year-old Black kid" for being suspicious.

Yet, Zimmerman's past is ignored, while Trayvon is portrayed as a thug/gangster. He gets blasted for wearing a hoodie. That is like blaming a rape on the victim, because she was wearing revealing clothing. His attackers are taking twitter posts and the fact that he is Black and smearing him with all these things.

I mean, look at the posts throughout DailyPaul. "he was doing what Black kids do when they scope out houses". "Black people embody that thug culture", "Black people sell drugs; Martin was probably doing that"...

Even juror B37...she doesn't blame Zimmerman for thinking Martin was suspicious, because Black youths have earned such a reputation. Doesn't Ron Paul preach against seeing people as part of groups.

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