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Sorry for the confusion, if any

Well, I have neither any power (I'm no moderator) let alone any will or wish to block anyone's comment. I like the idea to let people free to claim or say whatever they want if the same applies for me.

Sorry for the confusion if any also, as I have absolutely no interest to enter the argument you may have with Velveeta, I was only pointing my personal and specific belief that there aren't any human races but only one (IMO, plural "races" being only a long-lived abuse of language for mostly useless linguistically/historically/geographically/culturally-loosely defined "groups", and ever moving and evolving, btw).

(Granted, though, it's also for me conveniently very consistent with my faith in the good of Christian values, that is, Christ's words.)

As for always giving "sacro-saint" (so to speak) a priori credentials to whatever sciences / scientific communities may say, especially when they're not EVEN the hardest ones, I beg to (have the right to) be more cautious / skeptical than many people are willing to be.


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