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Comment: Don't agree with your so called "institutionalized racism"

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Don't agree with your so called "institutionalized racism"

War on drug is not "institutionalized racism". Because no white men is forcing the blacks and hispanics to use and sell and push drugs! No one is forcing them to use drug! They made a choice of getting into the drug habit and became enslaved to drugs by their own choice!

Why do you negate their own personal choice of getting into drugs? Why do you blame "racism" for their poor moral choice of selling and using drugs? How come the Asians are not "targeted"? Only blacks and hispanics were forced to use and sell drugs, so they can be "enslaved" by the white racists? This is a totally preposterous claim!

Every one has a CHOICE! They can choice whether to get involved in drugs or NOT! And when a great number of blacks and hispanics got involved in drugs, the results of the War on Drug is that mostly blacks and hispanics got apprehended! Stopping the War On Drugs won't solve black's problem! War on Drug is NOT the problem, only the symptom! The problem lies in their family or lack thereof. The problem lies in the culture. The problem lies in their heart, the emptiness and void that only God can fill. That's the root of the problem, not institutional racism. Until there's a law requiring the using of drugs if you are black or hispanic, don't tell me war on drug is institutional racism.