Comment: I've actually read Agrarian Justice. Have you?

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I've actually read Agrarian Justice. Have you?

I doubt it.

Paine was attempting to address an issue which he could have had no foresight. First of all, the pamphlet began on the false assumption that undeveloped populations - such as Native Americans - exercised no property rights. Paine was speaking out of good faith to the principles which he envisioned in the face of, then, current theoretical criticisms of life without coercive government.

By the way, Paine strongly opposed direct taxes in the pamphlet. At least, he had that much foresight.

Given the period in the past in which Paine lived, he provided the most sane view of governance that could be expected. Paine was the reason that the kings of the world failed. If not for him, George Washington may have likely been the first king of the US rather than the first president.

It would do you good to listen to the lectures. They are enjoyable and very informative.

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