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My wife told me about this, like, woman who was driving along the interstate in New Jersey, and she just (like all of a sudden) swerved off the road dead. Nobody could figure out what happened. Then, when they did the autopsy, they found she had been shot behind the ear---apparently the bullet came in the window. She was driving with the window down and, bang---she got shot, in the head, through the window, at 60 something miles per hour. Great shot eh? Then they started checking into it, and they found some guy was out in a boat---like maybe in New York Harbor or something---and he was shooting a gun. The bullet had ricocheted off the water at just the right (or more precisely wrong) time.

In other news, 50,000,000 Chinese have been killed by their own government since WWII.

I worry all the time about this kind of thing too.