Comment: Based on these clips, in particular the CSPAN interview,

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Based on these clips, in particular the CSPAN interview,

I do not find her that bad. I dont have any other experience or knowledge of her, but in my view she does not make a terrible impression in this interview--except that she supports "current law" too much and tows the government line that Snowden is not a whistle blower. She makes it clear, however, that she personally does not agree with these laws entirely, but she still states he is technically not a whistle blower.

But "legal" or not, the US government's activities are immoral, unconstitutional and totally undemocratic. Therefore, Snowden certainly is a whistle blower. It is too bad Sanchez cannot bring herself to fully acknowledge this and it smacks of CYA behavior and obvious kowtowing to powerful senior Congresswoman Diane Feinstein (at least Sanchez makes it clear that she agrees with Feinstein because Feinstein is the senior Senator from her state). And she really also makes it clear how LITTLE power our representatives really have. They cannot even require disclosure of programs they are supposed to be overseeing in written form.