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I got nothin' once again, so I'm going to try and deflect and talk about Israelis etc..

Maybe if I parrot the official story some more with conviction, that'll add weight to my credibility after flailing around trying to explain the lack of a throat injury in the photo.

Then I'll throw out a few links about CS gas (which never proved anyone in the studies lost their voice permanently) and try to flail in that direction, because the "I can only see half his neck" attempt was an abysmal failure.

And for the coup de gras I'm going to try and label you a "everything's a conspiracy" guy, and reference the '93 WTC bombing where the FBI not only set the perpetrators up with LIVE EXPLOSIVES, they ALLOWED the bombing to happen, as an example.

Dude, you should have just downvoted this and not even attempted to explain away the lies that have been told here. I'll give you an A for effort though. At least you made an attempt (even though it was a miserable failure) rather than just downvoting from the shadows like the other cowards.