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Well, there is at least one intelligent person commenting there:

"GOOGLE EXCLUDED INCOME > − Helen was correct.
Jews should go home to Poland, Germany and everywhere else. We left ages ago and have no home in Israel anymore. Jews were PUT back there by Rothschilds to inflame and divide in order to destroy Arab nations to get at their oil. Nothing more. The Rothschilds don't care one bit for the Jews. We are used as useful idiots so Arabs could be conquered. It was the best excuse Rothschilds had for invading Arab lands. One by one the Arab nations are falling like dominos, but notice, no one get a price break on oil, its just goes up and up. Times have changed, and we left Israel long ago (because we were Roman tax-slaves), only to become the same tax-slaves here in America. Today, Americas industries are headed for China. The next boat people will be Americans floating for China to find work. Good luck, the Pacific is very big"

(And Ira, I owe you an apology. You were correct. She really is a "fidiot", as you've pointed out tirelessly. While I find her more recent comments to be hysterical, I do hope she gets the proper help she so desperately needs before she crashes.)

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox