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I know what you're saying Sierra...

but if loan is paid off in fiat the debt, leins, etc of the fiat remain. In the article it says that in paying off in gold their is no more liens, debt, encumberances to the property. I wish I could have a real like modern day example of this and how it worked (or didn't).

Here is an exerpt from the article: "Here is what not enough people know, even in the PM community: The qualities within a gold coin are title, rights, and interest. When gold was used to purchase anything, all title, rights, and interest transferred from the gold coin to whatever was purchased. It was paid in full.

By contrast, thanks to the Rothschilds, the genesis for the entire Western world’s financial system, central bankers have replaced ALL title, rights, and interest in whatever you buy with commercial debt instruments, liens. All Federal Reserve Notes are evidences of debt. They are not “dollars,” even though the word is printed on them, and the Federal Reserve has admitted as much. Federal Reserve Notes, [FRNs] are commercial debt instruments, and they are issued by the privately owned corporation, The Federal Reserve."

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