Comment: This causes me a pain in my gut

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This causes me a pain in my gut

It's not Obama and Holder (Sideous and Vader), it's not the big bad federal government.

It's the Massachusetts State Police (my state police) and my lying-ass governor Deval Patrick saying this guy shot himself in the throat thus cannot speak, when he clearly doesn't have a bullet wound in the neck, being able to stand up and raise his hands in surrender. The way the press and police told it, his body was curled up in that boat riddled with bullets and near death.

It's a real, no-shit conspiracy. A recent study showed that conspiracy theorists are more grounded in reality and have more logical minds than mindless believers in the establishment storyline.

Why the hell they didn't murder him, too, is what I can't figure out yet. A piece in a puzzle. Nothing happens by accident in this regime, I don't think.

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