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He's lucky

They didn't try to arrest him or his neighbor or threaten them with arrest. Or say HE was the one with the kitchen knife.

There's a reason why Public Enemy made a song called "911 is a joke." I think I was 13 or 14 when the song came out.

And as for getting a permit to CC, here in CA you get laughed at (at least when I tried to get one) even if you were almost beaten to death and shot at or held at gunpoint. Plus if the attacker were shot, you would probably go to prison, and get to join some gang in order not to get killed, maybe even if it happened in your own house.

Unfortunately here in CA there is an uneven playing field on the street, as the criminals are armed and we are not. CA is proof gun control does NOT work. This is FEINSTEIN'S state!

As utopian as it may seem, we can not rid the world of weapons. As we know, mutually assured destruction works to a decent degree. So why not apply that to us serfs? Criminals are always going to have weapons. Why give them the upper hand? Us non violent people vastly outnumber the violent criminals. It wouldn't turn into the wild west. Many states show that isn't true.