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I'd like to see the

I'd like to see the difference between this fire and a simulated burn of 18 gallons of 92 octane fuel.
I know Mercedes says they take great care to prevent explosions but with enough kinetic energy physics is going to win and rupture a tank full of gas like a water balloon
The kinetic energy displaced in a 100MPH crash is 4x more severe than 50MPH. Or about the same as being dropped off the side of a 40 story building. It would be an engineering marvel for a full tank of gas to survive that.

If the temperature of Hasting's fire was significantly higher than 18 gallons of 92 octane fuel splattered all over a another burning car then I am inclined to believe another explosive was used.
From the looks of things the only untainted evidence we will have access to is the video. Is it possible to measure temperature from this type of video?