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Comment: When Pearl Jam complained about Ticketmaster

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When Pearl Jam complained about Ticketmaster

It was back in the 90s, Pearl Jam said Ticketmaster was costing their fans too much due to their charges.

This caused me to lose a lot of respect for that band. They obviously were not businessmen, and they obviously did not understand specialization in one's field.

They are musicians. Their goal is to draw a crowd for a period of time so that other vendors can sell t-shirts and food to the crowd. Obviously also, the crowd should obtain some enjoyment from listening to the music, otherwise the crowd would depart.

I haven't really been able to listen to Pearl Jam since, without thinking how bad their thinking is, which ruins the music. I had fond memories of playing the original Doom, listening to the lyrics "the dead lay in pools of maroon below", and thinking about those monsters that I could see from above, but couldn't go underneath where I was (e.g., it was 2.5D, not the full 3D that Quake became).

Anyway, I am relating: the experience of Pearl Jam decrying Ticketmaster was traumatic enough that I don't want to experience Pearl Jam any more.

What is your take on Ticketmaster?

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